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  1. A year ago we got Piper from Tamara at Syn City Boxers, and since then she has become the heart of our family. We had previously met Pipers dam and had fallen in love with her and Piper came with every bit the sweet personality and heart that we had witnessed in her mom. Piper is loyal to the end to our family and thoroughly enjoys keeping up with our kids activities no matter the weather. We are so blessed that Tamara placed her in our lives.

  2. Tamara and Syn City Boxers was referred to me by another Boxer breeder. After many months of research, I finally decided on getting a Boxer, and no matter how much I read on the breed, Tamara taught me more about the dog. Through out the whole process, Tamara was always there to answer any questions I had and eased my concerns. Most importantly, she also made sure that a Boxer or any other dog for that matter would be a fit for my lifestyle as she wanted to ensure her babies would be going to a loving home. I ended up getting Ryder (aka Ajay) from her and he has been a bundle of joy. To this day, Tamara still keeps in touch with me and checks up on Ryder. If you’re looking for a happy, healthy Boxer, I would not hesitate to recommend Tamara and Syn City Boxers!


    I am one happy Boxer Daddy!

  3. I was thrilled to find Tamara and Syn City Boxers!! I was looking for a Boxer and wanted to be sure she came from a great breeder that cared. We spoke many times before Piper came to our home and we are still in touch. Piper is a fantastic girl that absolutely loves living in our crazy house with 3 young boys. It’s like she has always been here! I am very impressed that Tamara keeps in touch. This is important to me. I would highly recommend Tamara if you are looking for a healthy, happy boxer to add to your family!


    Thrilled new boxer Mom!

  4. We’re absolutely delighted that we came into contact with Tamara and Syn City Boxers! Ace is an amazing, loving, caring dog with a great temperament. I’ve had to put all my little cousins/nieces/nephews on a schedule just because he gets so many visitors. He has a wonderful energy that cheers up children and elders alike. Tamara was extremely helpful with getting Ace settled into his new home, as she was available at pretty much anytime to answer questions for first time dog owners! We would definitely recommend Tamara and Syn City Boxers for anyone looking to purchase their new boxer! Quotes


    Proud Dad!

  5. We were so blessed to have found Tamara and Syn City Boxers! We have a 5 year old boxer whom we got as a puppy from a wonderful breeder that no longer breeds. For the past year we have been considering finding another boxer puppy to add to our family. I was willing to wait until I found the right breeder, and that’s when I found Tamara at Syn City Boxers. When I spoke to her originally I could sense she was very passionate about who her babies go to and asked me a lot of questions…which showed me that she wasn’t in it for the money but more for the love of her boxers! We took home a little girl named Allie and she has been such a darling addition to our family. Tamara and I have become friends and I feel that I can call her anytime to talk about Allie or ask her any questions. I would highly recommend that if you are looking for reputable boxer breeder, Tamara is the one! Thanks for bringing more Joy into our family Tamara!


    Happy New Mom!

  6. Ryan had been dreaming of a boxer 🙂 so we decided it was time for a puppy in the spring of 2014. We had some bumps in the road but I feel it was meant to be finding Tamara and her amazing dogs. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with, always making herself available, and VERY accommodating, when you live North of 60 thats a big deal! You could tell immediately she was a genuine person and this was something she does out of love. Since getting our wonderful puppy (she is perfect), Tamara continues to answer any questions we have and there have been a lot. I would not hesitate a second in recommending Syn City Boxers and Tamara. We found our happy ending and have an amazing new edition to our family. Can’t imagine life without our little monkey.

    Happy New Parents
    Ryan & Shauna

  7. We are so thrilled and in love with our boxer puppy Luna. She brings so much life and joy to our family

    as little ones tend to (and it doesn’t hurt that she’s flipping gorgeous!). What was so wonderful and

    unique about working with Tamara, was although we were in different cities, we got to fall in love with our

    puppy even before she was old enough to be delivered to us. Tamara helped us feel like she already

    belonged to us, and shared photos and hilarious anecdotes while we counted down the days. Our whole

    family was falling in love with her… and she made that possible.

    Temperament is everything with dogs (achem, especially to boxer lovers!) and these puppies were

    obviously so well-loved and cared for by this warm family. Thank you for being part of our new love

    affair with Luna, and for caring so much about how this experience was for us. It came across from

    beginning to end.


    Jennifer Turin, Vancouver BC

  8. We got Winston 3 years ago from Tamara at the Lisianthus Euro boxers, which is now Syn City boxers. Our family is definitely a boxer family, Winston is our families fourth boxer. Having grown up with boxers my whole life, I would characterize myself as a bit of a boxer snob. Although I am very biased, I would say that our baby Winston is the most beautiful boxer I have ever seen. Not only is he a gorgeous, handsome and strong boy, he also has a great personality (like boxers do). He has fit right into our family, and is an irreplaceable member of our family as I’m sure all of the other syn city boxer parents would agree. Whenever I hear of anyone looking for a boxer I immediately refer them to Tamara. We love our baby Winston and are extremely grateful for him and enjoy his presence each and everyday, and thank Tamara for bringing him into our life!

    Chelsea Jackson, Mission BC

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